An opening of the book “Floating Trunks” at NOASS



On 13th of May at 7 p.m. at “NOASS” art center a book opening and meeting with the artists will finalize the art project “Floating Trunks”.

“Floating Trunks” is an art project stretching across the Baltic Sea and which was initiated by the artist duo SIMKA (Karin Lind and Simon Häggblom) in 2013 after an invitation to participate in an art installation in Umeå and Riga in connection with the two cities’ role as European Capital of Culture in 2014. The core of this art project is migration, the mouths of the rivers, the Baltic Sea and the interaction between the three Baltic Sea cities Umeå, Riga and Pori.
The artist’s idea was to let “Floating Trunks” change location between the three cities which all have important river mouths where the rivers’ fresh water meets the salty sea. The river mouths have gained their significance and wealth precisely from being meeting points for all sorts of trading, transportation and cultural exchange. The word « trunk » encompasses associations to safety, the family and travel.
The trees, Umeå’s birches, Pori’s spruces and Riga’s pines, were placed in twenty-five colourful buoys that floated in the river mouths.

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