The solo exhibition of Baiba Rubīne “Everything Will Be All Right”




Artist Baiba Rubīne’s Photography Exhibition Everything will be Fine will be on view at Gallery “NOASS” from 13 July.

The exhibition Everything will be Fine is the result of a performance documented in a closed room. During the performance, the artist was alone in the room with her camera. Baiba Rubīne easily transcends the classic boundaries of technology, and as a result obtains images, which to some degree are comparable to traditional examples of painting. The likeness to painting is both an asset and a challenge to the artist, while each work she creates highlights her peculiar signature style in which each and line reveals a deeply personal experience and world view.

Commenting on her fourth solo show, Baiba Rubīne says, “The goal of the exhibition is to depict the course of a person’s life, incorporating the aspects of his experience. The works are exhibited in several groups, creating a path in three stages through a prism of introspective investigation with the tendency to expand the boundaries of “objective reality”.

Exhibition Room No.1 depicts the start of the inner journey, which incorporates fear, development and the ability to rub off soot that has taken root in the soul. In contrast, the works in Room No.2 are characterised by optimism and the hope that, perhaps, not all is yet lost as far as the evolution of humanity is concerned. Room No.3 is a space containing infinite possibilities, which each visitor to the exhibition can enter and then observe himself in a tunnel of mirrors. The exhibition will be augmented by a sound installation created by artists Andželika Kuzucuk and Edmunds Frīdvalds. Their performance can also be heard on the exhibition’s opening evening, 13 July at 19:00.”

About Baiba Rubīne

The artist achieved public renown in 2012, courtesy of her exhibition Ice Age at the Riga Art Space, where viewers had the chance to see works she’d created that were highly suggestive in nature. Her signature style is characterised by her deliberate rejection of image processing. Rubīne’s works are mysterious, balancing on the boundary between visions and reality.

Baiba Rubīne holds a Social Sciences Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the Riga Academy of Pedagogy and Education Administration (2002), the qualification of a photographer from a Professional Photography School (Biruta Magele International Stylists’ School) in Riga (2010), as well as a qualification of an interior designer from the Riga Design School (2006).

During the period from 2010-2016, she has participated in eight group shows, three design competitions, and held three solo shows.


The exhibition will be on view at Gallery “NOASS” from 14.07.2017 – 15.10.2017.

Open to the public from Wednesdays to Saturdays: 15:00 – 22:00.

Exhibition opening ceremony: 13.07.2017 at 19:00.

Andželika Kuzucuk and Edmunds Frīdvalds


Admission: free of charge

Exhibition supported by: the State Culture Capital Foundation


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