NOASS’s goal is to participate in the formation of the Latvian and European contemporary cultural scene by organizing exhibitions and educational projects, as well as through the international exchange of artists, cultural operators and cultural projects, and by facilitating possibilities for the public to engage in various contemporary cultural events and processes.

NOASS actively engages people in NGO activities through collaborative projects with representatives of various target groups and through voluntary work, offering internship options to future practitioners. Interns can acquire experience in fields including cultural management, project management, public relations, translation and technical work, organisation of cultural events, trans-border cultural collaboration and in other realms. We offer the opportunity to take part in the implementation of both domestic and international cultural projects, and to get an insight into the work of international cultural networks (ResArtis and Trans Europe Halles). In addition, we offer interns the chance to acquire practical experience organizing events, ranging from planning through to the evaluation of the event. If necessary, the internship period for students can also be framed as a mandatory university internship.