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eu-flag“Culture and Art’s project NOASS” is accredited sending and hosting organization for the European Voluntary Service (EVS).

EVS is an opportunity for youngsters from 18 to 30 years to work in on of the European countries  for 2 till 12 months, helping out the hosting organization to accomplish its goals with own ideas and work.

“Culture and Art’s project Noass” especially are happy for youngsters, who want to work in culture field, however everyone can apply for this program, even if volunteer is not interested in culture. The main criterion is applicants motivation. Unfortunately we have temporarily stoped sending volunteers.

More information about European Voluntary Service

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Contact person on Noass:

Kate Zilgalve


Sending organization – Realized exchanges and volunteers






Association Žmergo

Association Žmergo  hosts Guna Ludborža as a volunteer for EVS project “European Friends for Green Trends”. Project takes place in Opatija (Croatia) from February 2016 till October 2016.

Žmergo is founded in 1994 under the name “Eco group Žmergo” by the local environmental activists from Opatija, Croatia. 

For many years now, Žmergo has been encouraging the citizens to participate in making   important decisions about the environment at the local level and engages in implementation of projects at the national level. By communicating and linking with foreign activists and exchanging ideas and launching actions Žmergo has been proactively contributing to positive changes in the society, addressing  the current environmental issues as well as promoting the significance of the cultural heritage.

The meeting of volunteers and vice mayor of Opatija


Asociación Juvenil de Cazalla

Asociación Juvenil de Cazalla hosted Elīna Kasperoviča – Kazbare as a volunteer for project  “Learning from violence”. Project took place in Lorca (Spain) from July 2010 till April 2011.

Elīna participated in various activities: introduced the youth public with the information of Cazares-Intercultural for youth (language courses, exchanges, European programs, local help for youth, etc); leaded an english course for children and helped in a school with the english classes; participated in a project “Radio impacto”, where youngsters had to create their own radio program; coordinated together with others from the association the event  “Living Library” and the “Language Exchanges” project; she also participated as a support person on a few training courses. She was described as a very enthusiastic and motivated volunteer and Cazares-Intercultural have only good words about her.

Cazares-Intercultural Initiative is a cooperative that works at the Social education and social awareness at European and local, in the areas of immigration and multiculturalism, Youth and Human Rights. Cazares-Intercultural been operational since 2002 when it began its activity in the municipality of Lorca (Murcia), working on projects both locally and at European level.

Water. Sinking Cities. – P60 and NOASS

Water. Sinking Cities. Rīga.8 young artists from 2 cultural centres – P60 (NL), NOASS (LV) perform in a live show in each venue, using audio-video expressions and collecting material inspired from the 2 exchanges, between June and September 2010.

After a month of communication at online platform international artist crews are working together at a joint project inspired by the theme: Water – natural element and its reflection of  Sinking city aspect. The next stage of the project is to visit each project cities – Riga (21st – 27th June 2010) and Amstelveen (13th – 19th September 2010), making researches in the local environment and  preparing audio visual works for live performance.

In the meantime of artists exchange they continue to communicate in project’s website – shearing experience of the previous stage, uploading audio visual materials from Riga stage, as well as preparing for the next stage in Amstelveen. In the website each artist has a profile and crews which will be created by members.




p60In autumn Culture and art project NOASS in corporation with one of the largest Independent Cultural Centres in Europe and TEH member P60 (Podium voor pop, cultuur en media) in Amstelveen started a yearlong project GLOBALSTAGE. During this project P60 hosted a volunteer from Latvia – Linda Konone. Linda and other volunteers from P60 created and leaded youth exchange project Water. Sinking Cities.

P60 is a venue for art, music, culture and multimedia in Amstelveen, Netherlands next to Amsterdam airport. The centre opened on 1st November 2001. P60 mainly hosts various concerts, dance events, multimedia, theatre, literature and fashion workshops etc., and the centre collaborates with other local cultural institutions and art schools.

P60 tehlogo

Pekarna – magdalenske mreže

January 17th 2010 NOASS sent Ieva Strazdiņa to Pekarna (Maribor, Slovenia). She spent one year  (till 10.01.2011) volunteering in project: Prenos znanja/veščin – Transfer of knowledge/skills.

Pekarna-magdalenske mreže is founded as an organisation for encouraging and supporting programme and project cooperation among individuals and groups conducting artistic, cultural, educational, research, ecological, informative and humanitarian activities. The centre was established in 1996 by three different associations (Association of dolphine friends, Alternative music workshop, Gallery house). It is situated in a former military bakery, occupied in 1994, and is now the biggest alternative cultural centre in north-east Slovenia.


REGENLAB: New Cartographies of the Creative Cities


At the beginning of the October (2009) team from “Culture and Art project NOASS” participated in Youth Exchange program REGENLAB: New Cartographies of the Creative Cities in Portugal.

From the 1st till 12th of October (2009) in Porto 11 day workshop took place and the participants from France, Lithuania, Latvia, Spain and Portugal took part. The main reason for this project was to exploit the city “cartographies” as a methodology to build new mental maps of the urban territory in question through the gathering of ideas of the youngers involved in the exchange. During the 11 day time the participants  had the opportunity to exploit the city “cartographies” as a methodology to build new mental maps of the urban territory in question through the gathering of ideas of the youngers involved in the exchange also thinking and participating on the various contributes to the urban developing . The participants produced in workshop creations that the results was presented with an exhibition and interventions in the public space in Porto.

IDEIAS EMERGENTES – the organizers of this project and a EVS host organization – for many years have been a partner organization for Culture and Art project NOASS. During the realized EVS program in year 2008 IDEIAS EMERGENTES hosted Ineta Želve and during the first part of the year 2009 Annija Senakola and Kristina Lukjanska.

Ankara – What is EU?

TurcijaIn Ankara (Turkey) from the 3rd till 11th of August a Youth Exchange program “What is EU?” took place. The blistering Turkish sun and the contrasting city environment of Ankara was not able to distract the participants from Turkey, Rumania, Portugal, Greece, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Slovakia, Latvia and France to be interested in the most important and current events and topics connected with European Union. The active discussions and workshops, trips in and outside the Ankara city encouraged the youth to change their points of view about the traditions and habits in the EU member countries and Turkey.

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