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OPEN CALL Temporary Urban Screen Riga

screencity labScreencity Lab in collaboration with Interactionfield is organizing two temporary urban screenings in the context of Waterpieces Festival(Riga, Latvia 15-17 August 2014) that coincides with the Riga City Festival 2014 (in the program of Riga 2014 – European Capital of Culture).

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“Baltic Sea – Floating Trunks”

Artist duo Simka connects young people from Riga, Umeå and Pori with established art in the creation of a work of art to the Cultural Capitals Umeå and Riga, as well as for the Pori Art Museum, Pori.

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Working hours in Midsummer holidays

Naive Art museum of Latvia and Culture and art project “NOASS” are closed June 21st – 24th.

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Noass partneri