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Sound Flood in Noass // White Night

2(1)A concert by Latvian contemporary musicians and bands „Sound Flood in Noass” in September 5th offers spending the White Night in thoughtful and stylistically diverse sounds of music.

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Festival “Waterpieces 15″. In search of new coordinates

H2O-baneris-2015-455x125cmCelebrating it’s 15th anniversary International Contemporary and Video art festival “Waterpieces” will held place from 13th till 16th August, where audience will have opportunity to see open-air video programs, audio-visual performances and interactive installations.

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Artist residencies welcomes Linda Perthen

NeverEndingDuel_filmstillLinda Perthen will be in residency in Noass from July 22nd 2015 and participate in the festival Waterpieces.

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Exhibition “Letter” by Gita Strazdina

gita_strazdina_vestule From July 23 to August 16 the exhibition ‘Letter’ by Gita Strazdiņa will be open in the floating arts centre ‘NOASS’.

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Program of music evenings in July

Noass.vasaras.koncerti.PLAKATI-2015 Floating art center “NOASS” program of music evenings of July.

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Naive art of Greece exhibition opening

Kouzaros Spyros,   The Mermaid, oil on canvas, 40Χ80 July 2nd in floating arts center “NOASS” Naive art of Greece exhibition was opened, demonstrating most colorful naive art works from Greece. Exhibition are open for public till July 21st.

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