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PARIS, 13 November 2015 – Memorial for the Victims of Terror

Artists all over the world are invited to show empathy and solidarity with the victims of these terror attacks and the survivors, by participating and contributing in project “PARIS, 13 November 2015 – Memorial for the Victims of Terror”.

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A pop–up exhibition “Unknown.Variable” at the floating art gallery NOASS

PLAKATS_finito A pop –up exhibition “Unknown.Variable (“Nezināmais. Mainīgais”) by four young Latvian female photographers will be open for the public for three days starting from November 27th – 29th at the floating art gallery NOASS (AB dam 2, Riga ).

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Working hours in October

6002.jpgExhibitions in floating art center “NOASS” are open till October 30th.

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Exhibition “Stories told by water – The Daugava”

The exhibition “Stories told by water – The Daugava”” is open to the public until 30 October 2015 at the floating arts centre “Noass”. Individual art objects have been installed in the urban environment on AB dam and in the Daugava water basin between Akmens Bridge and Vanšu Bridge.

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Sound Flood in Noass // White Night

2(1)A concert by Latvian contemporary musicians and bands „Sound Flood in Noass” in September 5th offers spending the White Night in thoughtful and stylistically diverse sounds of music.

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