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The deadline for registering for workshops for Latvian participants is May 20!


“When we get serious about creativity, everything changes”

Hosted by Kulturkraft Syd
This workshop embeds the fundamental principles of creative leadership and teamwork in the hearts, minds and bodies of the participants. Along with a number of highly effective innovation tools and methods, the participants will be introduced to an overall framework and mind-set for working with new ideas. This workshop is for anyone looking for new ways to unlock the creative potential of their teams – not only for creatives.
 Study case: Audience Development

  • Participants will leave this workshop with:
    Insights into creative team work and leadership
  • Models for idea generation and creative problem solving
  • Concrete tools for facilitating creativity and innovation that can be applied into your day-to-day life and work.

Workshop leader: Henrik Johansson

Henrik is a graduated KaosPilot and works internationally as a process consultant in the fields of creativity and innovation. He works with organizations that wish to come up with radically new ideas and fundamentally want to leverage their creative capacity. He´s biggest passion is to facilitate learning and creative processes and to help groups to solve tricky tasks and become smarter together. He has worked in various development projects for clients like The Singapore Ministry of Education, Innovation Lab Denmark. LEGO, Hyper Island, IKEA global vitality team, The Swedish Institute, Idea Factory Singapore, SJ (Swedish railway) and E.ON etc. He also been invited as a speaker and to conduct workshop at design & innovation seminars at 2011 and on 2012

This workshop is hosted by Kulturkraft syd wich is a programme for empowerment in the area of performing arts, music, film and television in the south of Sweden. The aim of the project is to give professionals within this area the opportunity of professional development and means of creating new forms of cooperation within the cultural field. KulturKraft Syd is financed by the European Social Fund

“Creating Effective Teams – Integrative Model of Group Development”

Hosted by Leaders Lab

In this workshop you will learn how to work with groups, peoples’ needs and create effective teams. The methodology used will be “Experiential Learning” which means that new learning will be acquired through the following four steps: experiencing, reviewing, concluding and changing behaviour. Some aspects of leadership will be discussed such as feedback training, working in group, maturity assessment and conflict resolution. After 4 hours workshop you will get an increased understanding of how group dynamics affect results and how leadership styles should be adapted to the group’s maturity stage and specific task at hand.

Workshop leader:
Matti Kortelainen

Matti Korelainen is a managing consultant mostly working with UGL – Understanding Group and Leadership which has been utilized as a basic leadership training within the Swedish Armed Forces for over 20 years. Lately, in the last decade it has also became very popular and widespread within corporations and other organizations. He has been working as CEO on cooperative business, social worker and managing director for Mejeriet for six years. He has over twenty years experience of leadership and management. Matti is Finnish but has lived in Sweden since 40 years and has spent a lot of time in Spain.

“Research your Center!”

This workshop will help you identify the important activities, outcomes, and benefits that come from the work of cultural centres. It will look at a variety of different research tools that help you track, monitor and evaluate your work and how you can use them to measure, promote and celebrate your work. The research tools will demonstrate a range of techniques and work in several media – paper, audio, video, social networks and web tools. The workshop will be very active and participatory and the results of our work will be used widely within the TEH network. By the end of this workshop you will feel confident in using a variety research tools to help you evaluate and celebrate the work of your centre. This workshop is for people who are interested in gathering and interpreting information about the work of cultural centres, and for those who want to learn more about research methods

Workshop leader: Bill Miller

Bill is a director of CSN, a community interest company based in England Bill joined in 2002 and has works nationally with public sector and third sector organisations developing leadership skills, evaluation systems, and professional qualifications for sector professionals. Bill has developed expertise in the evaluation of major publicly-funded projects, and has evaluated programmes for the Arts Council, the Qualifications and Curriculum Agency, Comic Relief, and Mentor UK. He is currently evaluating the three-year EU funded cultural programme, Engine Room Europe.

“Idea Generation – Getting the flow with Speed Thinking Game and creating unexpected solutions with Social Lateral Thinking”

The objective of this workshop is to generate web marketing ideas by trying out and learning two interesting and distinct idea generation techniques that can be used in groups from 5 to 20 people. One of them, the Speed Thinking Game, is based on the notion of “the flow” as the ultimate state of happiness and creativity developed by psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. It works through individually combining topic keywords with association keywords to create solutions for a problem. The other is called the Social Lateral Thinking technique and is based on synthetically dividing every idea into its four components and then “exchanging” these components with other participants to create new unexpected ideas. The workshop will provide a short introduction to the theories that the methods are based on and mostly focus on hands-on trying them out. After the workshop, participants will be able to use these both techniques to make idea generation more efficient and fun in their organizations and for solving their challenges. Study case on web marketing

Workshop leader: Mārcis Rubenis

Mārcis Rubenis is a creative entrepreneur and workshop facilitator with roots in social activism. In times of uncontrollable credit-bubble growth in 2006 he organized a broad coalition of NGOs, citizens and experts to fight for a better city and stopped unsustainable skyscraper developments near historical Riga city centre. Out of the experience organizing this coalition he developed interest in unleashing action potential and creativity of large group meetings and large groups as such. He developed co-creative seminar method TALKA (idejuTALKA in Latvian) and has facilitated more than 150 workshops in companies, organizations and municipalities. He is also co-founder of first co-working space in Riga “BIROJNĪCA”

“Our Creative Resources for New Opportunities in XXI Century”

The ability of individuals to re-evaluate their internal resources and to think “outside the box” is a precondition for change management and “pioneering” (designing new concepts) in the cultural sector, strengthening personal image as well as to decrease social tension in the organization. The objectives of the training are to help individuals to transfer their internal creative resources into practical change management results by using structured thinking methods as well as significantly improve competitiveness in accordance with the requirements of XXI century and opportunities given by the society.

Expected results – at the end of the workshop each participant will be able to:

  • understand the sense of practical creativity
    re-define internal creative resources;
  •  use structured thinking methods to generate creative solutions;
  •  discover new approaches for change management;
  • raise personal competence as basics for leadership.

Workshop leader: Vita Brakovska

Vita Brakovska has specialized in creativity and innovation issues as well as in development of knowledge economy on both national and local level with a strong interest to design and deliver trainings and creative workshops for various social groups to start or develop creative entrepreneurship. Since 2000 she has worked in public sector (university and public administration) and now continuing to realize her potential through co-founded association “Knowledge and Innovation Society” which is a non-profit organization established in June, 2009. The founders and members are professionals with remarkable experience in National Innovation System. She has delivered various knowledge-based services as international expert in Russia and Baltic countries since 2000, also designed and delivered an academic course “Innovation economy and management” in 4 HE institutions, including Riga Technical University. Life moto: “Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value” (A.Einstein).

 “Video Making on Mobile Devices”

Some of you have already met Mick Fuss who led the popular documentation workshop in Bordeaux. Mick Fuzz has just finished collaborating on two manuals on how to film and edit videos. One called ‘Video Making on Android’ and is focused on what you can do by cell-phone filming. In today’s world many of us carry mobile devices that can film, edit and upload videoimages, however video training often focuses on traditional video making skills involving high cost equipment. At the end of this workshop you will be able to make effective short films using the equipment you already have around you. We will share skills on how to use your own devices to film and to edit and explore the possibilities but also the limits of cell-phone filming. We will end by using free software to edit cell phone footage on laptops. The workshop aims to be technology neutral. All mobile devices and laptops are welcome. Let’s start practising and editing our films!

Workshop leader: Mick Fuzz

Mick Fuzz work centres around production of community documentation /toolkits, and community-based education. Specifically this involves software documentation, course writing and facilitation, researching, website projects, video producution and media training. He has worked with FLOSS Manuals to create toolkits, training resources and software based manuals since its start in 2007. In 2010 to 2011 he ran the Green Zone sustainability project for a city housing project. The project combined training, environmental works and creating on-going community resources. In his spare time, he is also an active member of the Hacktionlab network an informal group of technology enthusiasts working to share the advantages of free software to campaign, artist and community groups.

“Successful Campaigning on a tight Budget”

TEH members produce and facilitate all kinds of great art. But for many of you it is increasingly important to reach larger audiences, raise (more of) your own funds and get more public and political awareness of your added value to society. In this workshop, Amsterdam based campaign company BKB will train you in the basics of successful campaigning on a tight budget. They will run you through some interesting examples from the cultural as well as the corporate sector. And there will be plenty of opportunity to discuss the current or planned campaigns for your centres.
Be prepared not to sit back and listen, but to start building your campaign straight away !

Workshop leaders:
Maarten van Heems & Isabelle Rade

Maarten van Heems is the director of BKB Campaign Company in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Involved in campaigns for Dutch ministries and corporate clients like KLM, Ben & Jerry’s and Shell. But also responsible for cultural and political programming at the Lowlands Festival, organiser of political multimedia events at the Melkweg and other cultural venues in the Netherlands. Isabelle Rade is a projectmanager and senior advisor at BKB. Involved in campaigns for the ministry of Foreign Affairs and corporate clients like Google and PwC. She organized political and cultural events during the Presidential elections in the United States and the Dutch general elections in music venues like Melkweg and Paradiso.

BKB develops campaigns for the government, businesses and social organizations. A campaign can be composed of various more or less self-contained components, such as a thorough research study or a focused campaign concept, an effective media strategy or a well-attended event.

“Hate Advertising, Change Advertising”

For most of us advertising is a curse word. We hate the ads, we hate the people who make them and we can’t believe that someone actually pays for the crap we see around us. But as long as you are creating anything, a day will come when you will need to find a way how to tell others about your creation – it could be an art exhibition, a drawing class or your own bio cafe. You will have to become friends with advertising. How to do that without loosing your mind and creative freedom? In this workshop Voldemars will share his experience of creating small budget advertising, how to come up with original concepts and how to collaborate with other professionals to produce ads. The workshop will be based on real projects from the group members.

Workshop leader:
Voldemārs Dūdums

For the last 10 years Voldemārs Dūdums have been working in advertising agencies, studied at the best advertising school in the world and finally found himself happily working as a freelancer for small clients like printed magazines, theatre and schools. He has tried many things like managed a rockband, sold tobacco, made goat cheese (which was served to Swedish Royal family), ran a cinema and even recorded sound for a documentary in the deepest wilds of Siberia! He believes any problem can be effectively solved if you approach it from a kids point of view. This approach ensures that the idea will be simple, engaging and will make the audience smile.

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