Exhibition “People of Riga – their animals and birds”


From May 30th a joyful and colourful exhibition ‘People of Riga – their animals and birds’ (“Rīdzinieki – viņu zvēri un putni”) can be seen in the floating art centre ‘NOASS’. The exhibition emphasises human creativity, the inexhaustible search for inspiration and the joy of creating above all else.  

The exhibition displays the works that are created by the participants of the Riga Folk Fine Arts association ‘Cinobrs’ in the plein air on May 23rd. They enrich the Latvian naive art traditions and offer an opportunity for the inhabitants and guests of Riga to get inspired from the created works of art in the Latvian Museum of Naive Art premises, AB Dam 2.

The sources of inspiration for the previous plein airs were the houses, surroundings and landscapes in Riga; however, the works created in this year’s plein air include not only the invitation to look at Riga from a different perspective, rediscovering the city through the portrayals of places excluded from the travel guides and details enclosed in the artworks but also to get to know the people of Riga through a different prism or vice versa, to recognise oneself by looking at the visual image, habits and traditions of Riga’s inhabitants from an artist’s perspective.

The Riga Folk Fine Arts associations ‘Cinobs’ was founded in 2009 and is a long-standing cooperation partner for the floating art centre ‘NOASS’ in organizing plein airs and attracting participants. The association ‘Cinobs’ welcomes everyone to participate whose hobby is painting.  

The exhibition in open from May 30th to June 29th in the Latvian Museum of Naive Art.

Opening hours:

Monday – closed

Tuesday – Sunday 11:00 – 19:00

Free entry.


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