19th Festival “Waterpieces”!


19th festival “Waterpieces” invites:

8th of August



Opening of an exhibition “Perhaps / Really”


Text group ORBITA (LV)

Poetry and sound performance “Motopoiesis”



Andris Indāns and Gatis Ziema


9th of August



Freshest programs of moving image

“22nd Award Winning Program” and “New Motion”

23rd of August 

// 19:00



Main stage/ lectures:
Johanan Orengo (FIN)
Thor Gunnar Myrdal (DE)

Vitautas Zukas (LT)

Thomas Tumosa (LT)

Ian Crighton (UK)
Closing performance
Kristaps Puķītis and Demaui,  Dirty Deal Audio (LV)

Entrance free.

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Supported by: State Culture Capital Foundation, Riga City Council Department of Education, Culture and Sports.

The 19th festival Waterpieces, this year will be held on 8th, 9th and 23rd of August at the floating Arts center „Noass“ with a program that combines exhibition, performances and lectures with masterclasses led by digital media professionals.

At 18:00 on the evening of 8 August, the first day of the Waterpieces Festival will start with the opening of Līva Arnava ’s personal exhibition Maybe Really. The artist herself describes the exhibition, which showcases various media object installations, as an opportunity to step out of her information bubbles and view them from a lateral perspective, allowing its viewers to assess, not processes from their personal perspectives, but perspectives themselves, returning to their fundamental elements – vision, light and perception. The exhibition and the artist’s works will be introduced by curator Tīna Pētersone.

Around 20:00, the evening will continue with text group Орбита ’s performance Motopoiesis, in which the vocal timbre and intonation of the person readying the poetry is activated by various electro-mechanic sound compositional device. In this performance, each author will read his poem in the intonation, tempo and volume, which he considers most appropriate for the specific work with the help of a device invented by the artists themselves that transforms vocal audio signal volume dynamics into fluctuating electricity and thereafter sound. The video accompaniment makes it possible to study the working surface of the poets’ laboratory and to show what exactly is creating the sound heard the relevant moment on screen. The authors of the technical solution are metal artist Jēkabs Voļatovskis and radio engineer Vladislavs Bogdanovs.

Орбита has already performed Motopoiesis in Latvia and Italy, but the performance is new and thus continually variable. The audience attending the Waterpieces festival will have the chance to view Motopoiesis in a new phase of development and experience artistic solutions that will be performed for the first time to a public audience.

The performance will be preceded by a short story told by literary critic and media theoretician IIlva Skulte about Орбита and this specific performance. Together with her sister, art historian and critic, Aiga Dzalbe has recently written a book about Орбита , which was published by the Neputns publishing house. During the conversation, the audience will have the chance to ask the artists questions and to receive answers.

In turn, the group Gas of Latvia will take the stage at 21:30. On this occasion, Andris Indāns and Gatis Ziema will perform compositions from Gas of Latvia’s latest album Nutcracker, which was released this spring. It will be an intensive and psychedelic alternative dance music programme, in which we will hear echoes of industrial music, techno, IDM and post-rock. The performance will be introduced by the CEO of the Sound Forest festival Viestarts Gailītis.

Andris Indāns’ free form electronic music project Gas of Latvia was launched in 1997 and has released 16 albums, had various line-ups, performed countless concerts, participated in alternative and experimental music and art festivals in Latvia and elsewhere in Europe. Interestingly, in the late 1990s, when it was not yet anchored by AB dambis, the floating arts centre Noass hosted the presentation of one of the first Gas of Latvia albums Sun Shine Brightly.

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