Solo exhibitio by Krišs Salmanis “FOUND”

Ūdensgabali 09

Within the framework of this years annual Festival ŪDENSGABALI/WATERPIECES you are welcome to see a solo show of Krišs Salmanis that was granted as the award for wining last year’s competition.

udensgabali_Kriss Salmanis & Dana Indane

udensgabali_Kriss Salmanis

Solo exhibition “FOUND” consist of five works “Sākums” (“The Beginning), Rio“, “Zeme griežas” (“The World turns around“), “Par ko dzied cīrulītis(“What the little corydalis sings about“). On the LED screen you will se a installation “Zināms lidojošs objekts(“Known fluing object”).

EXHIBITION IS OPEN from 2009.09.04. till 2009.10.04., from 1 PM till 8 PM,
Monday and Tuesday closed.

Free entrance.


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