Solo exhibition of Līva Arnava “Perhaps / Really”.

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The 19th festival “Waterpieces” will start with solo exhibition of Līva Arnava “Perhaps/ Really”.

The artist tells: “Perhaps such common expressions as saying “like” after every third word and eventually turning all the sentences into questions, really is a form of resistance in the age of information. Like a constant, light insecurity about everything. No one really knows what one is talking about. No one wants to offend anyone and everyone is aware that existing views may be based on the omnipresent internet falsehood. Texts without a context, fake news and made up memories. Perhaps it Really is caused by a bad vision? We just see very poorly. But my father used to say that if a person is saying “really” when telling something, then it really means it is not like that at all.”

The exhibition “Perhaps/ Really” allows its visitors to evaluate, not the processes from their own point of view, but the viewpoints themselves, returning to their fundamentals – vision, light and perception. Solo exhibition of  Līva Arnava shows  an opportunity to step out of the information bubbles we are locked in and look at them from afar.

Exhibition opening will take place on 8th of August, 2019 starting from 18:00. The opening will be continued with performances of a text group “Orbita” and “Gas of Latvia”. Follow the programme of the festival “Waterpieces” in our facebook page.

Exhibition will be on view from 8th of August- 15th of September, 2019, Wednesdays- Saturdays 15:00-22:00.

Entrance free.

Exhibition is supported by: State Culture Capital Foundation.

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