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Žanis Bulavs "Zemes Māte - Latvija" 1989

Idea about Naive art museum of Latvia came into existence in year 2000, when a  long-time friend and supporter of NOASS  Einars Priede and Juris Pigits presented  for cultures and arts project NOASS a collection of Arnodls Skrastins works. This present gave an inspiration for the  first project connected with naive art – ”Naive and primitive in art and literature” – realization.

In autumn of year 2006 in Andrejsala, in former customs warehouse building, was formed Naive art museum of Latvia. In result of a successful collaboration in 20th of May at Museum night’s for the first time museum opened its doors for visitors. Now Naive art museum of Latvia is located on BETANOVUSS, AB dam 2.

Till now museum’s collection has been formed from presents and the personal collections, that are handed over to museum for storage on not fixed time, but a part of works are acquired in purchases way. At the moment in the main collection, which is included in Latvia’s national collection, are 179 naive art masterpieces, but in ancillary collection are more than 900 work’s and photoreproductions. Constantly museums collections are increasing and have been deliberated constantly new naive art authors and their works.


Izstāde "Pilsoņi"

Mission of the museum is to make an insight about naive art’s cultural processes for inhabitants of Latvia and guests, to show its importance and originality for promoting Latvians self – confidence and pride about inheritance of naive art. And also with the help of original works introduce society with the unique basic values and essential style features of naive art.

"Eņģelis" Staņislavs KozlovskisFor saving Latvia’s naive art’s inheritance of cultural history for next generations and use it for inhabitants educational work, Naive Art museum of Latvia its actions aim sees in collecting naive artists works from 18th century till today, in its conservancy, study and popularization. Museum heeds special attention to nowadays Latvian naive art painters, sculptors and other profile artist works exploration, conservation and making of main exposition in museum.

Based on collected and investigated materials museum makes wide educational complex of measures, with special attention in popularization of Latvian naive artists works in Latvia and foreign countries.


What is naive art?

"Atdzimšana" 1994 Edgars Krīgers Even today there is no fixed definition which can precisely and exactly characterize term – Naive art. It is compared with Art Burt and Outsider art, as well as similarities we can see in Primitivism and Folk art.

At the turn of 19th and 20th century Naive art became one of the branch of the Modern art and ranked next to such artistic concepts as expressionism, cubism, abstractionism, surrealism and others, and it developed like an alternative for academic art, which became as an barrier for arts development because of the strict rules, ideals and standards for that.

"Lotes" Rahmails Jakrins

True Naive artists consider those who haven’t got special artistic education in special schools or academies. Every artist his own talent and skills develops singly without professional assistance, it is free, unlimited expression.

Naive artworks can be recognized by childish, plainness and simplicity, inaccurate forms, substandard perspectives and proportions and bright colors, artists do not keep to standards and criterions but on the same time they put in great part of emotions and experience. Often naive artists are trying to portray “real” artists but with their own improvements, in such works can be seen naive artists ideas about popular artworks and artists; they are similar to originals but a little bit odder and more entertaining.

Naive art in Wikipedia.

Information for visitors


Starting form June 2013 Exhibition will be shown at Floating Arts Gallery BETANOVUSS, AB Dambis 2, LV-1048, Riga.

Working time:

June 1st – September 31st  Museum is opened Tuesday – Sunday from 11.00 – 19.00

1st of October – 14th of October it is opened weekdays from 12:00 -18:00

Museum is closed during the winter from October till May!

Contact us:


Dzintars Zilgalvis

Mob. +371 29474401

E-mail: dzintars@noass.lv



Latvijas Naivās mākslas muzejs

I season (2006)

May 20 -  Muzeum night „MUZEO ZONE”  opening of Naive art museum of Latvia and first expozitions with participation of naive artists

July 26  – October 31 – Vija Vētra “Efflorescence”

II season (2007)

Year 2007 – artworks from Modris Sapuns and Andris Biezbārdis took part in exhibition in Moscow „Festnaive 07″

February 23 – April 15 – exhibition from collection of Naive Art museum of Latvia in Arts and musics school of Bolderāja

May 1 – opening of new seasona and new expozition

May 19 – Muzeum night „MUSEUM FREAK PARTY”

June 16 – certificate for acreditation of museum

July 25 – September 30 – Līna Dzērvāne „Potencial of God”

August 17 – September 17 – „People and Animals in the city”

August 25 – Cultural forum “White Night”

October 22 – seasons closing

III season (2008)

May 17 – Museum night “CAM MORGEN WIEDER!”, opening of museum season and new expozition, 2 new solo exhibitions – Irīna Piļke “Little Bird’s Diary” and Daina Kučere “Citizens”

May 30 – June 29- „About harbors, ships and a lot of water”

July 18 – August 19 – Hungarian naive artists exhibition “Destiny of a Roma”

August 19 – seasons closing

IV season (2009)

May 16 – Museum night “Where have you been?”, opening of new season [1]

May 16 – September 30 – solo exhibition dedicated to Nikolajs Stūris 101 years birthday [1] [2]

May 16 – July 19 – solo exhibition of Ņina Abizova „Ieriķi-Rīga-Jūrmala” [1] [2]

July 31 – August 29 – Jāzeps Osmanis “In spite of everything” [1] [2]

September 15 – September 30 – solo exhibition of Taisija Švecova [1]

September 19 – September 30 – People’s Fine Arts Society “Cinnabar” works “Andrejsala” [1]

September 30 – seasons closing

V season (2010)

May 15 – Museum night “Ecology”, opening of  anniversary season with guests “Mitki” – artists group from Russia [1] [2]

May 15 – September 30  -  exhibition “Requested stops” by artists group “Mitki” [1] [2]

May 15 – July 11 – exhibition “King of animals” dedicated to Filip Salajev [1] [2] [3]

May 15 – September 30 – exhibition of works which will represent Latvia in international festival “Festnaive-2010″ in Moscow [1]

July 13 – September 30 – solo exhibition dedicated to Rahmails Jakrins 85th birhday [1]

September 19 – September 30 – People’s Fine Arts Society “Cinnabar” works

September 30 – seasons closing

December 16 – May 2011 – International festival “Festnaive-2010″ in Moscow, Russia. Naive Art Museum of Latvia represents Rahmail Jakrins, Filip Salajevs, Nina Abizova works

VI season (2011)

December 16 – May 2011 – International festival “Festnaive-2010″ in Moscow, Russia. Naive Art Museum of Latvia represents Rahmail Jakrins, Filip Salajevs, Nina Abizova works

May 14 – Museum Night “Neighbors”, opening of season with Irena Aizen exhibition and musical entertainment by DJ Snobo & Bombey [1]

May 14 – May 21 – exhibition “The unreal world by Irena Aizen” by Irena Aizen [1] [2]

September 10 – September 30 – People’s Fine Arts Society “Cinnabar” exhibition “Different views at Riga”

September 10 – September 30 – Zigfrid Zoltner work exhibition

September 30 – seasons closing

VII season (2012)

April 3 – May 5 – Works from Naive Art Museum of Latvia are represented at Naive art exhibition “Insita-2012″ in Vitebsk, Belarus.

April 27 – May 11 – Latvian Academy of Arts, Graphics Departments 14 young artists exhibition “…Blue Land…”

May 19 -  Latvian Academy of Arts, Graphics Departments 14 young artists final happening “Green Land… Blue Sea… Art as naive life” within Museums night

May 19 – September -  Exhibition “Naive art in context of contemporary art” at floating arts gallery Noass and Betanovuss, AB Dambis 2, Riga, LV-1048

VIII season (2013)

May – October museum permanent exposition “Meet Me in the Museum!”

August 7 – August 31 israeli artist Malka Tsentsiper exhibition “Smile on the brush tip end”

September 15 – September 29 exhibition “Poetry map of Riga II”

October 1 – October 14 plain air exhibition “Beautiful Pārdaugava 2013″

October 15 seasons closing

VIV season (2014)

May – October museum permanent exposition “Meet Me in the Museum!”

May 6 – June 16 plain air exhibition “Beautiful Riga and it’s bridges”

June 9 – July 20 Naive Art Museum exhibition “Fest naive Riga”

July 30 – September 6 Riga‘s Fine Arts Associations open air art reproduction exhibiton

September 6 – May 2015 Australian artists Richard Denny open air personal exhibition “Territory Fragments”

September 16 – October 16 plain air exhibition “Beautiful Riga and it’s bridges”

October 16 seasons closing

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