NOASS launches 19th seazon


NOASS is pleased to announce the launch of its 19th season of arts and culture with three personal exhibitions: Gvido Kajons’ Life, Adelīna Darviņa’s American Dream and painter Ramuss’ search for an ideal world on Wednesday, 17th of May at 19:00

Although each of them represents their own generation of photographers, both Gvido Kajons and Adalīna Darviņa have immortalized fleeting moments of daily life, which those in a hurry would most likely fail to notice. Such is the paradoxical nature of the distinctive phrases and signs of the city captured by Kajons that his saliently witty images verge on the iconic; so much so that they leave one gasping for breath in the face of their worldliness.


In contrast, Adelīna Darviņa documents “the American Dream”, which explicitly and acerbically oscillates on the brink between the atmosphere on the approach to the “Gates of Paradise” and mindless desperation, wrought by the pursuit of distant and unattainable visions, while time implacably bleeds dreams, items and people of their colour.


In turn, painter Ramuss’ exhibition in Noass’ “old” gallery is a retrospective look at the artist’s oeuvre from the late 1980s through to its final works, which he painted in the mid-2000s. As a non-conformist artist, Ramus depicted his spiritual quests in his paintings, enabling us to trace his artistic path from his use of serene and characteristically Latvian tones through to an explosion of colour, and his self-expression via affirmative and energizing symbols in his late works. At the same time, Ramuss’ exhibition offers us a reminder of how quickly the views have changed that, once upon a time, even in a seemingly neutral medium like painting, set the boundaries for artistic expression.

//21:00 NOASS new concert season will rock to the vibes of Ezeri

Ezeristarted out in 2016 as a solo project for Miķelis Putniņš, who immediately embarked on a tour of Italy. In time, Ezeri have evolved into a trio, including drummer Krišjānis Bremšs and bass guitarist Kristians Priekulis. They are all professional musicians whose mutual friendship dates back to childhood.

The band’s debut album Ogle (Coal) was one of the biggest musical successes of the year, and was warmly received by both Mūzikas Saule reviewers and The Golden Microphone awards jury. Coal was nominated in the “Debut of the Year” category. The album was released in 2016, and is conceptually comprised of a cycle in which the artists turn their attention to the relationship between the city and nature, and to the conflicts this causes in the people of today


The Ezeri repertoire contains numerous compositions dedicated to aquatic elements. One of their songs is actually a recording of Lake Ungura, which was one of their inspirations for making music. Against the background of NOASS’ splashing waves, Ezeri will perform songs from their debut album, as well as some that have not yet been officially released.

The NOASS Floating Arts Centre is open to visitors from Wednesday to Saturday from 15:00 – 22:00.

Admission: free of charge.

Ramuss memorial exhibition 10.05.- 22.06.2017. (prolonged till 06.07.2017.)

Gvido Kajons “Life” 17.05. – 08.07.2017.

Adelīna Darviņa “American Dream” 17.05. – 17.06.2017.

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