NOASS residencies welcomes artist Betty T. Doll


The Snow child, Acrylic on plastic, 60×60

American, Part-Dutch and part-Chinese artist Betty T. Doll grew up in USA and is renowned for her inspired use of doll/toy imagery, for example, in her The Never Never Land series project, originally developed during her Post Graduate Studies in both Fine Arts and Visual Arts at the Go8 .
Deeply influenced by Freudian “uncanny” and Hans Bellmer’s ball jointed doll, Doll’s work represents Neo Surrealism and, accordingly, draws works from bizarre imagery of subconscious and/or dreams grounded in philosophical concepts. Betty T. Doll has extracted elements of disappearing reality and fragmented existence to reflect a sense of loss, isolation and disconnection inspired by recent studies of the contemporary Gothic movement.
The artist has an extensive exhibition history including 13 solo exhibitions as well as numerous group exhibitions throughout Australia and the USA. Her work features in private collections nationally and internationally.

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