NOASS welcomes the brightest works of Greek Naïve art

Kouzaros Spyros,   The Mermaid, oil on canvas, 40Χ80

Kouzaros Spyros,   The Mermaid, oil on canvas, 40Χ80

From 3-21 July in the floating arts centre NOASS, the residents and hosts of Riga will have the opportunity to discover and get inspired by the brightest works of Greek Naïve art, which represent a part of the private collection of Christos and Polly Kolliali.

The collection is one of the most comprehensive of its kind in Greece; it contains more than 80 important artworks by the representatives of naïve art from the Mediterranean region. An insight into the selected works will not only create an idea of the specific characteristics of Greek naïve art, but also to travel to Greece by getting acquainted with Greek traditions, lifestyle and bright natural landscapes.

Amoryianos Yiannis, In the jungle, oil on canvas, 40Χ50

Amoryianos Yiannis, In the jungle, oil on canvas, 40Χ50

The exhibition that is brought to Riga will include the works created by both experts with an art school education and artists of different ages. Several authors have wished to remain anonymous, some have hidden behind pseudonyms, while others are unknown.

The artworks depict scenes of daily life and the countryside, also, such traditions as weddings, celebrations and folk festivals are depicted. This will create a feeling as if the viewers are witnessing scenes of Greek daily life and celebrations, which enclose mythical figures and the ordinary, pride and some light irony about the history of Greek culture and its influence on the perception of modern life and economic situations. Scenes that will open up before the viewers’ eyes will be scenes of historical rituals and urban nostalgic memories, flooded by voices of itinerant peddlers, mixed with folk characters, idyllic landscapes that preserve indelibly through the time, or the urban environment – Athens, Plaka, the Acropolis, Thessaly, Lesvos islands, Cyprus, Smyrna and Constantinople, that create a colorful and pulsating panorama with equal historical, folkloric and aesthetic value.

The exhibition is created with the support of Christos and Polly Kolliali and the State Culture Capital Foundation.

The floating arts centre ‘’NOASS’’

AB Dam 2, Riga, LV – 1048

Tuesday – Sunday 11:00 – 19:00

Monday – closed

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