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Today Trans Europe Halles (TEH) is one of the most active cultural networks in Europe. It provides a stimulating platform for exchange, support and co-operation between its members.

The network currently has 49 members and 7 Friend organisations in 26 European countries. TEH runs and coordinates several bilateral and multilateral cultural projects. Examples include the setting up of an Artists-in-Residency Exchange Programme and the establishment of an international cultural incubator in Lund, Sweden, and CHANGING ROOM, a mobility project for cultural operators.

Network meetings twice a year

Apart from projects and joint activities,the network invests a lot of time and resources into the biannual TEH Meetings. Trans Europe Halles’ projectsactivities and meetings deal with topics such as intercultural exchange, sociopolitical themes and current global issues.The network also collaborates with several cultural organisations and networks and is actively involved in the discussions around European cultural policy.

Focus on mobility and professional development

At the moment, two of the main focuses of Trans Europe Halles are mobility and professional development. Trans Europe Halles is dedicated to enhancing and increasing the mobility ofcultural operators; from young volunteers to mid-career and leaders.

Future plans

_AGN7181The long-term aim of Trans Europe Halles’ activities linked to mobility and professional development is to perfect both a staff exchange programme and a workshop-model that can be offered as training or consultancy to cultural centres both within and outside the network.


Since 2007, “Culture and Arts Project NOASS” has operated within the Trans Europe Halles. NOASS has taken part in network meetings and great projects as The Lift (2006-2008) and NOKIA Nseries, that is how, NOASS became a sending and hosting organization for European Voluntary Service. We are looking forward to participate in CHANGING ROOM – mobility program for cultural workers.

We are very proud that Zanda Zilgalve was elected in TEH’s Executive Committee (2009 – 2011). It is the governing and policy making body of the network and consists from 8 members from different organizations and countries. Zanda is the youngest of them.

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Culture and Art’s project NOASS participates in the Trans Europe Halles project CHANGING ROOM

CHANGING ROOM is a two-year pilot project looking for new ways of stimulating cross-border mobility of cultural operators.

By testing a Staff Exchange and Training programme involving 25 member centres in 15 countries Trans Europe Halles will identify today’s barriers and opportunities for the circulation of cultural operators.changing-room

CHANGING ROOM also offers training workshops open to participants outside of Trans Europe Halles, a special workshop retreat for cultural leaders.

The project will result in a public online mobility toolkit and a first-of-its-kind study by The Sibelius Academy.

For more information, please visit www.teh.net/changingroom and the Staff Exchange Blog: http://changingroom.teh.net/blog

Questions? Contact Anna Weitz, TEH Marketing & Communication manager at anna@teh.net

We are happy to announce that NOASS in October, 2009 will welcome Nikolina Gribacheva from Pro Ropido Arts Centre (Bulgaria) for Staff Exchange.


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