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Noass Video Art Archive

The Latvian Video Art Archive has been created as the only national video art database. It is available for free and covers the entire history of Latvian video art from the late 1980′s through to the present day. The platform for the Latvian Video Art Archive – Database is the videoteque which has been established and built up over a number of years by “Culture and Arts Project NOASS”. Among the works to be found in the videoteque are:

  • Latvian-French video art festival (1989-1995) archive (from the collection of art historian, Laima Slava);
  • Artists’ video works collated by exhibition;
  • Artists’ video works submitted individually from personal collections (1985 – 2010);
  • Selections of works compiled from the competition archives of “Waterpieces” international video and contemporary art festivals (2001- 2011).

To ensure that the collation of information is as complete as possible, materials are also drawn from other Latvian video art festivals (“2ANNAS”, “Ahūns”), diploma works and course works by students from Jānis Rozentāls Art High School, video works by students from the Latvian Art Academy, as well as a collection of those created by Culture Academy students. All of the works submitted have been reviewed by a group of experts. If the works are deemed to be good enough for inclusion in the archive, they are then systematized and archived.

Noass Video Art Archive is public – students, curators, artists, teachers, art historians, and anyone else with an interest – can access information on artists and their work. All the video-works from the collection can be viewed on viewing sets. The archive is located at Floating Art’s Gallery NOASS, AB Dambis 2, Riga, LV-1048 (check this map).

Book your visit before and contact: Dzintars Zilgalvis  dzintars@noass.lv +371 29474401.

Noass Video Art Database

During the course of 2008, we have introduced new database software which ensures the availability of information on the Internet. We still working on the expansion of the database with both new works and by inviting authors to add older works to the database which have been shown in exhibitions, but which not been included in the NOASS video archive database before now. In the immediate future, we’re looking to develop the distribution of these works, as well as representation of the interests of the authors concerned by promoting the database and compiling selections of works.

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