Naïve art museum of Latvia

The Naïve Art museum of Latvia was established in 2006. The museum’s objective is to collect, preserve, study and promote the works by artists producing works of naïve art. Special attention is paid by the museum of identifying and preserving works of naïve art by Latvian painters and sculptors.

The value of naïve works of art lies in their uniqueness, placing special emphasis on the artist’s creativity and audacity, and quests for means of expression. The specific quality of naïve or outsider artists is manifested through their creative drive and unusual means of expression. Above all, these artists and their works of art are defined by a power of creativity that so captivates viewers.

For various reasons, naïve art drops out of and is excluded from the realms of popular art and is not considered to be an important component of contemporary culture and art. To highlight the significance of the output of these artists and to place it on an equal footing with other contemporary art, we organise regular exhibitions of naïve art. These exhibitions are deliberately organized in the NOASS gallery premises, in the context of the contemporary art exhibitions and events.