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On Thursday, the 1th of May, exhibition “In Spite of Everything” will open it’s doors for visitors


Exhibition “In Spite of Everything” is made especially for Europe Culture capital, Riga 2014, project “KGB HOUSE. File No. 1914/2014″. Exhibition is about people whose lives were linked to destinies involving occupation and exile, above all highlighting the desire of the creative personality to oppose an inhuman regime and simultaneously exist as a reasonable being.

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In NOASS Artist in Residence program is visiting russian artist Petr Antonov


In NOASS Artist in Residence program, cooperation with association „Orbita”, within project „Riga Poetry map” in Riga, Russian artist Petr Antonov (Петр Антонов) from April 1st till May 1st is visiting in Jevgeny Pastor Residency.

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Kiril Panteleyev’s environmental installation “Invisible Part” opening


An opening of Kiril Panteleyev’s environmental installation “Invisible Part” will take place on Friday, 4th of April, 5p.m. at “Culture and Art project NOASS”.

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In March NOASS Artist in Residence programme welcomes Berliac

Berliac is a comics and graphic narrative artist from Argentina. He lives and works in Norway.

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NOASS joins international artist in residence network “Res Artis”


“Res Artis” is the largest existing network of artist residency programs, representing the interests of more than 400 centers and organizations in 70 countries worldwide that offer international artists the optimum conditions for producing art

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NOASS Artist in Residence programme welcomes Paulien Follings


Without the viewer, a sculpture is just an object. The viewer is an important part of the work. The specific placement of the work in space creates a relationship to the viewer which gives the work its meaning. A pedestal seems to be no more than its function, a column is only indicative, until the viewer activates the potential of the sculptures and the given context beyond what is merely visible.

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OPEN CALL for entries to the European Media Art Festival competition. You’re invited to send EMAF films, videos, installation- and performance projects or expanded media works

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