Emerging Artists – Experimental Video Art from GermanyEmerging Artists (AG Kurzfilm)


Mona Keil | 5’ | Germany 2022 | experimental animation| no dialogue

Meaty creatures must learn to share their juicy world with the pesky little bugs, before they run dry.


Felix Klee | 15’ | Germany 2021 | experimental animation | German dialogue | English subtitles

You can’t bring back a dead horse, but perhaps there are ways to step back into a place already lost.HOMESICK LUNG is an experimental farewell. The film delves into the lungs of a dying horse and into the history of a family farm that was sold. 3D animations, screen recordings and documentary footage combine to form an essay on reconstructed memory. In the end, the wind brushes through virtual nettles.


Bruno Christofoletti Barrenha | 12’ | Germany / Brasil 2022 | experimental documentary| Portuguese dialogue | English subtitles

A site which once served as a slaughterhouse has become an environment to preserve the life of Brazilian cinema. Until the first fire arrived. And then another, and another. Hundreds of negatives lost due to a policy that negates preservation actions. The distant relationship between the Cinematheque of São Paulo, public neglect, and the fire are rescued in a film whose very function is to preserve the memory of this Cinematheque. (Carol Almeida)


Keren Shemesh | Germany 2022 | 21’ | experimental documentary | Hebrew dialogue | English subtitles

A passage over the pregnant body through the prisms Territory, Terrain, Terra.

A questioning of belonging. An attempt, to sketch the polyphonic call of the mother; to draw the navel as the scar of the maternal presence.


Natalia Ehret | 2’ | Germany 2022 | experimental animation| Russian / Mordovian / German dialogue | English subtitles

Balance between nationalism and loss of cultural identity? François Julien speaks of “cultural resources”: Everything I have collected, is also mine. This is my two-minute stream of cultural associations about myself: Russian nursery rhymes, Mordovian words from my mother, German counting rhymes from school, Tatar songs from my mother-in-law, Soviet nursery rhymes, excerpts from Eugene Onegin, the old Kazakh hymn, etc.


Serafima Orlova | Germany 2021 | 6’ | experimental | Russian dialogue | English subtitles

A ship moves slowly over waves, through other waves a conversation is going on. The movements can suddenly stop, a connection remains.


Nicolas Gebbe | Germany 2021 | 18’ | experimental animation | Englisch dialogue

A secluded beach location, the perfect partner, the most exclusive Hotel: It is the life of your dreams. Join an eerie trip to a luxurious place of unfulfilled desire, nostalgia and endless longing. Catch a unique glimpse through the polished facades of a world shaped by abundance and the reality distorting imagery of social media.