Kaspars Brambergs “Aura Trigger”

On 27 May, the exhibition “Aura Trigger” by artist Kaspars Brambergs will open at the NOASS art centre. The exhibition is an important intersection of the material and the digital and will take place in several stages until October. It combines real and NFT or Non-Fungible Token works. These dual presentations, featuring physical objects in the NOASS gallery space and digital analogues on blockchain monitors, invite viewers to explore the convergence of traditional art and cutting-edge technology.

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“…Have we noticed a tyrannical correlation between the large number of possibilities and the small amount of time at our disposal? We are on high alert. Time is too scarce. The right choices have to be made in a very short time. The false sense of an infinite existence makes my consciousness sleepy. We have to act quickly. I do not have much time. “

“Aura Trigger addresses the changing perception of art in the age of technology. In the past, radio and television served as passive mediums, but today they have been transformed by smartphones, apps and electronic wallets that demand active participation. This change reflects a wider societal trend towards instant interaction and the practical application of modern tools in everyday life.

The exhibition posits that while technology offers vast opportunities, it also imposes a new form of tyranny—a relentless urgency driven by the scarcity of time. Brambergs’ work underscores the paradox of infinite digital possibilities against the backdrop of our finite existence. The real and digital objects presented are essentially the same, creating a mirrored reality that questions the nature of authenticity and presence.

By integrating blockchain technology, Brambergs not only expands his artistic medium but also comments on the digital revolution’s impact on our perception of art. Each phase of the exhibition will delve deeper into this dialogue, inviting viewers to reflect on their own interactions with technology and time.

About the artist:
Kaspars Brambergs uses painting and sculpture techniques that can be described as abstract monumentality and brutalism. His latest work includes a focus on blockchain technology as an extension of his creative spectrum. In 2014, he was nominated for the final eight of the ‘Purvītis Prize’ for his solo exhibition Dynamis, which took place at the NOASS art centre.