In the screens located on the terrasse of Art Centre NOASS collages of video art which combine the brightest works that represent video art in Latvia in the 90s are screened.

The exhibition includes the pioneering works of the moving image, created with the technical capacity of the analogue video format.
Works of video art created in this period of time (timeframe) are fascinating for in-depth research because they contain many elements of creativity and innovation, which are used in the creation of art.

The exhibition is designed both as a retrospective review and as a creative interpretation.
By creating a different contextual framework, video artworks have acquired a new narrative, which offers viewers a new meanings of the artwork and confirms that the works created in the last decade of the 20th century are relevant not only in the context of research but also in the context of creativity and innovation.

Works of art included in the exhibition:

Edgars Bite [Skurbums] 1991, 10`00

F5 [Bloody TV] 2000, 3`20

Juris Boiko [Halta Balnaca]  1991, 14`10

Dainis Kļava  [Kas ir balts] 1991, 4`00

              [La Ronde De Paris] 1991, 7`35  

Artis Dzērve [Transformer] 1993, 2`20

             [Melt Steel] 1995, 2`32

Ieva Rubeze [Un citi] 1999, 9`30

            [Tosmare] 1998, 9`50  

Mārtiņš Grauds [Mornin Riga] 2000, 9`45

Arta Egle-Biseniece [Kamēr nebūs nekas] 1993, 4`00

Ervīns Broks [Simulation]  1999, 4`50

Viesturs Graždanovičs [Pakāpieni] 1991, 3`00

Inguna Aare [Es] 1992, `30

Mārtiņš Ratniks [Space Bin] 1999, 2`30

                [VJ Archive loops] 1999, 4`30

Renārs  Krūmiņš [Poolar] 1998, 7`35

NSRD [The sequences of spring] 1988/1991, 5`30

Maija  Apine/Imants Vekmanis [Ešafots] 1993, 11`00

Monika Pormale [The Flow Of Energy] 2000, 3`00

Gints Gabrāns [Protams jums taisnība]  1993, 4`00

Dace  Džeriņa [Ienaidnieks] 1998, 7`42

Ivars Mailītis [People As Banners] 1990, 7`35

Ieva Jurjāne [Arī dzīve]  1993, 2`00

Andris Stepe [Black and white] 1997, 5`10

Hardijs Ledins [Le Dance Binoculaire De Paris] 1990, 12`12

Gintars Kavacis [Cyclops] 1990, 5`00