Seeds of Tears

“Seeds of Tears” exhibition of the 2023 graduate qualification works of the Centre for the competence of Arts Education (MIKC) national High School of Art (NMV) Janis Rosenthal School of Art (JRMS) can be viewed at the Art Centre “NOASS.”

‘The salty water source along the cheek has created the path you need over time and under the influence of intense frequency. Rinsing the grooves in the facial verses, it moves from the corner of the eye, runs along the nose, goes over the lips. Often the weary himself wipes it on a soaked sleeve, sometimes a napkin in his pocket, but mostly the tear falls to the ground, inevitably feeding the little germ.’

The exhibition shows works of art (painting, sculpture, graphics), photographic and multimedia design (video, animation, 3D animation, computer graphics, 3D computer graphics) produced by the graduates. Executives of final works: Mārtiņš Lablaiks, Līga Spunde, Alvis Misjuns, Oskars Veilands, Dzintars Krūmiņš, Zane Zelmene, Elita Svikle, Vita Jurjāne, Ināra Garklāva, Edgars Ošs un Raimo Lielbriedis

Graduate works from their authors have demanded some soul, excellent intelligence clarity and accelerated heart beats, but as a result they can be compared to the most enjoyable things on earth – lollipops and honey bread. Only those who have managed to stick out the tip of their tongue know that the tear is crazy sweet though!

The artists:

Eva Ansule, Rasa Nate Beitnere, Zelda Viktorija Jansone, Loreta Krasauska, Arta Rolanda Laicāne, Marta Štauere, Arturs Valters Vītols, Roberts Mikus Zitmanis, Patrīcija Paula Zvejniece, Elizabete Blumberga, Jana Bulatova, Beatrise Ceiziņa, Luīze Daniela Daugiša, Betija Jakaite, Katrīna Kalniņa, Emīls Pēteris Kalniņš, Ramona Loce, Anna Meilande, Annija Naroga, Lolita Pēde, Sofija Pētersone, Ziedonis Rēdmanis, Tīna Ritenberga-Balode, Aleksandra Rozenfelde, Rihards Straume, Elīze Šnīdere, Alberts Vareiko, Krišjānis Vītiņš, Daniels Vītols, Alberta Ziemele.