Selection of Ukrainian animation art – video art from LINOLEUM festival (Ukraine)

UNNECESSARY THINGS, Dmytro Lisenbart, 14:00, 2020

– Could a robot adopt a pet in the near future? 

– Sure, why not.

– Could this pet be a human?

– Well, it could be possible in the future. 

– Could they become friends?

– Probably yes.

–…And what would become of the robot afterwards? 

– Listen, to hell with your questions!

DEEP LOVE, Mykyta Lyskov, 14:00, 2019

Deep love has finally happened in Ukraine.

TROIA, Andrey Naumenko, 02:34, 2022

TROЯ (Troіa) – these are the episodes of everyday life in the sleeping area of ​​Kyiv called “Troieschyna”. Here I was born, raised and I live here now. Here you understand that clothes don’t make the man and events can have unexpected endings.

DEEP WATER, Anna Dudko, 06:00, 2020

A lonely chubby mermaid is keen on peeking at people through the water pipelines using magic. One day she falls in love with a man and, blinded by passion, comes into his apartment to satisfy her burning desires.

THE SURROGATE, Stas Santimov, 06:03, 2020

A man destroys the nest of an unknown creepy creature. But it’s not the most horrible creature he will meet tonight.

THE WAR THAT IS ALWAYS AROUND, Iryna Harkavets, 01:34, 2022

Experience from Russia’s war against Ukraine and its aftermath in the form of PTSD. An animated film about surviving horror and coming home. First use of neural network animation in a short film along with classic animation. 

TIGER IS STROLLING AROUND, Anastasiia Falileieva, 12:00, 2021

Katsumi is feeling blue. While walking through a ghost Japanese town, she can see signs that her life has reached the point of no return. When she decides to end this misery, Magic Tiger appears. Can he save her?

AH SO, Polina Piddubna, 02:37, 2022

I rent a very small room in Berlin (which reminds me of a coffin) and have very strange dreams there. People are held in suspense for two years without knowing when it will all be over. The club is closed, the ambulance won’t come and everything that’s left to do is just walking around the city with your inner monsters.


Sofiia Melnyk, 07:26, 2022

«Mariupol. A Hundred Nights» tells us a story of a little girl who wakes up on February 24th because of the air raid alert and tries to find someone living in the burning city. The main character is based on the story of Alice, a 4-year girl who stayed in the besieged Mariupol the whole time. She was also at Azovstal during the last month of defense. When russians allowed the evacuation of civilians from Azovstal, Alice was separated from her mother. A poem used in the film is «The wheels, the wheels, they hit the road» («Кolesa hlukho stukotiat») by Vasyl Stus, who was a Ukrainian poet and an active member of the dissident movement in the ’60s and ’70s. Stus was repressed and died in GULAG.


GLASS HOUSE, Vitaly Yankovy, Ukraine / 2023 / 03:43
Past and present intermingle in a virtual journey through 3D animation, which moves through the memories of an abandoned life and questions about art and the coming future in the face of an uncertain panorama, severed and as fragile as a glass house.

FUEGO FATUO, Celeste Martinez, Argentina / 2022 / 11:17
Wisp-Fire: Cartography of the infra-mild is an aesthetic and philosophical exploration that invites us to reflect on our existence in an increasingly hyperconnected and ephemeral world, and how technological and scientific advances impact our relationship with time and with natural spaces and even in the perception of our body.

CLIMATE CHANGE, Kayoko Nakamura, Japan / 2022 / 2:22
As an artistic expression, the artist created a work of art using a climate change datasets. By visualizing the data from a completely different angle, this data tells a new story. The artist converted the datasets from Excel and CSV spreadsheets into images and added movement to create animated videos. Some audio was also converted from the data and used as sound to resemble a human on a boat on the earth, and added the voices of wind, water, fire, and insects to represent the entire forest on the earth. If climate change we are to collapse significantly, the ship we are on could capsize.

BIODIGITALMEDIAFILIA, Iury Lech, Spain / 2023 / 06:45
BioDigitalMediafilia is a reactive and generative audio-visual art work that delves into the rhythms of nature through the manipulation of image and sound and experimental inquiry through the use of Artificial Intelligence. BioDigitalMediafilia expands the premises of new digital media art, in that the “human-nature-technology” relationship which is presented through art is no longer focused only on representations created with material symbols, but is emphasized on the whole process and how the creative process is generated. Based on these premises, this digital art work exposes the biodiversity of ecosystems from a digital taxonomic perspective, operating on a series of electromagnetic visions and focusing on the microscopic scale of the micro-collision of dissected “astromes” and the optical and aural fluctuations built like the universe, where regardless of its dimensions everything is made up of nanoscopic pieces of geometry and substance.

SYBIL, Marta Di Francesco, UK / 2020 / 02:30
Sibyl explores the self-fulfilling prophecy of prediction and performs a repetitive dance in which every movement starts and ends in the same way, representing the looping mirroring of AI predictability, by merging volumetric capture techniques, video processing and StyleGAN, in which a model has been trained based on a large data set of similar images, in order to obtain a not-so surprising similarity with the original data set. The capacity to number and limit reality into data, is hardening the borders with dreaming, vanishing, wishing and imagining, creating a time space vacuum, in which a mirror is reflected in another mirror, swallowing itself in an eternal void.

LOOK AT YOU AFTER THE WAR, Hernando Urrutia, Portugal / 2023 / 02:00
This project is developed from digital creations as an expression of language, which has its transformation from a chaotic system of destruction that is war in the world, to a true evolutionary system of regeneration of life and peace in the world. This is a wake-up call to society, about the terrible war that can be epicentre in any region of the world and that this destruction created by war is generated by petty interests, producing atrocious devastation. After the terrible traces left by war, we must have hope that everything has the possibility of regeneration, healing, and alteration through the metamorphosis of transformation from destruction and death to rebirth and life.

MUNDOS, Alfredo Barroso, Spain / 2020 / 01:01
Worlds is a cyclothymic allegory consisting of repeatedly rising and falling from an empty space, only inhabited by trees hanging upside down. As if it were a mythological punishment, the spectator climb through the Worlds, until reaching a point, in which the physical and the virtual collide sensorially and when they fall, they cause a relapse into nostalgia, or melancholy, which they will soon overcome.

SYNTHETIC FORCE, Weming Ho, Taiwan / 2019 / 06:06
“Synthetic Force” The force is tried to manifest a vibration and spectrum as an audible and visible object – audio visual meditation which includes the maximum and minimum point of views between nebulae and cell divisions that reflect science or sense, scotoma or principle, order and border, super-human and non-humanization. Is there any invisible or subliminal field variant of the system?

HUMARITHMS, Pierre Ajavon, France / 2022 / 03:22
The future offers us a face to face between humanity and algorithms, the things that make us human beings such as questioning, imagination, intuition or ethics in the face of zeros and ones. In “Humarithms”, through our digital daily life, reminiscences, emotions and images arise from the past and blend into our vision of the future to the sound of an electronic composition on the Moog modular synthesizer.

DATA DRIVEN DIRECT DEMOCRACY, Lina Dovydenaite, Norway / 2020 / 28:38

Somewhere between dystopia and utopia, the concept of data-driven direct democracy in virtual spaces of futuristic city scales. Artist Lina Dovydenaite thinks beyond the given context of society and speculates on a future alternative reality that is neither right nor wrong. Within one of the futuristic cities where data-driven democracy prevails, she speculates on future public virtual spaces where people meet to shape how their city/city architecture is developing, using AI architecture agents and other technologies.