VIJA VĒTRA “1:100”

Vija Vētra “1:100” is an art project made to celebrate the 100-year anniversary of the outstanding artist and choreographer. It consists of an urban object on the facade of the art center NOASS, a multimedial installation on three monitors and an exhibition of the artist’s original works. The urban object on the facade of the art centre is inspired by the design motifs of Vija Vētra’s work, as well as the works of art resulting creative workshops with children and their parents.

To give viewers a chance to learn the secrets of making these artworks, excerpts from the creative workshops in June 2023 can be seen on three screens, with the participation of a Vija Vētra.

The artist’s original works exhibition is dedicated to the quest for pure creativity.

It also shows the latest drawings by the artist.

About Vija Vētra and her artwork.

Vija Vētra is a legendary US (New York) living artist, choreographer and dancer who celebrated her 100-year anniversary on February 9, 2023. Vija Vētra makes her world of drawn angels and spirits out of food packaging boxes, the folded edges of which form angel wings or ears. Ornamental collages from self-adhesive colourful packaging and promotional materials resemble specimens of Buddhist mandala and examples of paintings that draw viewers with self-assured effortlessness and the presence of an enthusiastic soul ritual. Kinetic sculptures – “mobiles” are made from objects found on walks and set in thread using tree branches, shells, stones and rags. They come alive at every airflow. Vija Vētra is convinced that harmony, satiation and levelling are embodied in these works. All her artworks are permeated by light sadness and the loneliness of a resident of the city of Leila. It can also be argued that her drawings are a peculiar yet unconscious synthesis of tradition, with different plays from the worship of totem and nature forces observed in the world’s wanderings, mythologies of different peoples, and also from everyday real life. The artist stresses that when she does these works, she plays seriously as a child with all sorts of materials, colors and more. She believes the biggest art is playing. This attitude towards creativity is also one of the most important new features of contemporary art, which comes after decades of so monumentally serious Latvian art.

The exhibition was made using the materials of the collection of the Latvian Museum of Naive art.

The exhibition is supported by: Riga City Council, Society Integration Foundation, Latvian Ministry of Culture